How do you do a champagne spray?

As a Wedding Photographer I am always looking for new ways to make my images exciting for my couples and try new shots, poses or environments.

Cool poses for couples is a regularly googled phrase for me and I have definitely found a new favourite.

To make a Champagne Spray image work well we need a few elements to be just right. Below is my SEVEN top tips of what I would suggest you need to prepare a Champagne Spray and my Camera settings for a Champagne Spray

so keep reading...

How to do a Champagne Spray by Naomi Mills Photography

one. A Fantastic Backdrop - or at least outdoors..

This goes without saying but let's make sure we do the Champagne Spray outdoors, unless you don't mind your venue getting wet but when done correctly, everything will get covered in Champagne because.. well.. that's the idea.

two. A plain / Non-distracting backdrop

It is worth picking your backdrop carefully because you want the image to focus on the fizz of the champagne and nothing too patterned or shadowed because the light will cause distraction.

Using the right Aperture will also help creating good focus on your subjects and less on the background.

three. Willing and trusted champagne sprayers

So if you're behind the camera you're going to have to recruit some willing Champagne sprayers. They need to know how to spray a bottle of champagne in the right way for maximum impact and also know where to aim the bottle.

For this I think it's important to pick someone you can trust... I mean, if you're going to do this shot at a wedding you DO NOT want the Bridesmaids and Bride getting covered in champagne.. until the evening at least. Champagne Disasters. ? No thank you.

So let's select the sensible people in the party and someone who is up for it!!

How to do a Champagne Spray

four. How to spray a bottle of champagne

This is more technical than you think..

The best method for spraying a bottle of champagne is to first open the bottle slowly and then leave it. You're not spraying it with the cork flying out. Its a common misconception that for a spray to happen you need to pop the cork in a fabulous fashion. Best way is to take the cork out first and put it to one side (do not leave it on the floor to be picked up in the shot).

After this you can give the bottle to whoever is spraying the champagne. The sprayer must put their thumb over the open end of the bottle and shake up and down. The Champagne will come fizzing out of the end of the bottle and with the pressure of the bubbles come spraying out in all directions!

five. How to pose for a champagne spray photo

There's lots of was to pose your wedding party for a champagne spray, most traditional is in a line formation with the champagne spray either on both ends or coming from the middle with just one bottle.

If you choose to use the couple for a Champagne spray, its best to allow them to have fun with it. Champagne Spray photo's can be super fun and its so easy to capture the laughter of this special moment on camera.

Champagne Spray Photo

six. Camera Settings for Champagne Spray

For Champagne Spray images the priority is Shutter Speed. Your camera needs to be set to a fast Shutter Speed to capture every tiny movement. The Champagne spray won't last long but you can take tonnes of images with a fast shutter speed and select the best ones.

To deal with a fast shutter speed you need to make sure your ISO and Aperture are appropriate to allow enough light in to catch the details. For an outdoor shot in the sunshine you won't need such a high ISO but in lower light settings ensure you crank up your ISO.

You can use a lower F stop or Aperture to allow maximum light in.. but ensure you have focus on all the faces in your image. If your camera has facial recognition this should be easy but if not just ensure you have the right focus point before starting the photo.

For the image below my camera settings were:

ISO 320 // F/ 2.8 // 1/800 sec

seven. Use Prosecco

Obviously.. lets not be wasting that good champagne.

Can you use Prosecco for a Champagne spray?

In short, yes.

Naomi Mills Photography